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Our Story

Our mission is to help neglected pets and find them a new loving home. A percentage of every sale from our website will be donated to Dogsandcatsforever donated their wish list.

Also, to present and share new opportunities through stories on how to support and showcase your love to pets all around the world.

Some Facts about Dogsandcatsforever include:
-A No-Kill Animal Shelter
-Totally dependent on donations and endowments (Not in business for profit or tax-exemptions)
-Their promise- "No animal at Dogs and Cats Forever, Inc. will ever be sold for research, entertainment, or exploitation."
-This shelter also creates focus driven programs that provide supportive resources, awareness, and other various resources to allow countless opportunities for yourself and your community to fight against some of the most common issues for animals. 
   *For example: Dogs & Cats Forever's Fospice Program is designed to provide care within a "home setting" for geriatric, chronically or terminally ill shelter pets. This was established because this shelter noticed that most of the dogs and cats that arrive at animal shelters, there's specifically, are categorized with anyone of these conditions and/or were formerly house pets and are deemed un-adoptable by many. This is one of the reasons why shelters are over crowded, regularly lack supplies to support various treatments & facilities/room for animals who are elderly or ill; along with other duties that are involved in order to adequately improve an animal's life as they near their final resting place and say Goodbye. The shelter's hope is to grow this program and share emotional/impactful stories that will inspire others to open up their hearts and their homes for a 'short-time' to animals who deserve nothing but 'love and peace' towards the end of their life. This program is a great example of how this shelter is fighting against one of the main issues ('root causes') of why so many dogs and cats, who enter shelters, in these conditions also remain at the shelter towards the end of their days. Furthermore, these animals are perhaps experiencing discomfort, stressed, or even overwhelming emotions that should not be deserving of such animals. One of the benefits that you, or anyone who does consider providing fospice care, will endure is the experience of your own transformation. This can be however or which ever way you like to recognize the impact you have in this situation & evaluating yourself afterwards to help capture the importance of how you are providing an immeasurable gift to an animal.
(For more information on how to provide fospice care, please visit

"Remember, you're just one love collar away...." to help me find a new loving home for animals that are in shelters. 🏠 


There is a new change....a new opportunity to make a change for a vision of the future that will help more animal on this planet. Don't you love animals? Are you in love with your pet? Do you always want a remembrance of your pet? Will this site is inviting you to plug in to something bigger than yourself.

Here is an exercise:
Try to either recall these moments or if you have a pet currently then try to be more aware of the moments I am about to list.

Go back to a time when you were experiencing what you would call your "bad" days, failures/struggles, painful relationships, laziness, or loss of an opportunity....

If your like me then you were also able to recall and in the future become more aware of these moments. I make it a habit to spend more time with my dog (and when I recalled these moments I experienced this with my other pets) because they have always shown me their love, their attention, and they can be the most supportive friend; along with no judgement. My pets have shared my grievousness in the past and their intentions are simple. To put us in a 'happy' mood. How many times can you say this has happened to you? Maybe on some occasions or a lot of occasions if you have already recognized that joy that animals can bring (especially the ones living with you). I've noticed my vibe, mindset, and commitment to overcome the negative thoughts/internal & external pain (to a certain extent) decrease almost instantly. Having a pet can ultimately change your wellness and mental health, which are often forgotten subjects in so many ways especially when addressing the hazards if not addressed. Having your wellness intact and a healthy mental state can significantly be used as momentum to handle your more tangible & old goals. You know the tangible & old goals that you have been trying to obtain but you forgot to work on your mind and body first to showcase your foundation. 


"Remember, you're just one love collar away...."